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PRODUCTS   GStepD Desktop Controller/Simulator

GStep Desktop is a new integrated Controller/Simulator that drives our expanding family of Smart embedded G Code controllers.  Providing a highly integrated control environment for CNC control. GStep Desktop is Windows based.


GStepH Hexapod Controller/Simulator Coming

Our new Stewart Platform Hexapod simulator is nearing completion and will be released soon.       

HandSense Finger Tracker Prototype Operational

Our HandSense wireless real time finger tracking prototype system is operational.  The system tracks all finger digits using 15 6DOF sensors and PicoM305 10DOF system on the back of the hand.


Real Time Location System (RTLS) Prototype in Test

By combining multiple NanoMP WiFi sensor nodes with a new 10DOF sensor fusion algorithm running on a PicoM it's possible to position assets (people, cameras, mobile platforms, drones) in real time without GPS.

  MK4FQ 6-Axis Stepper Controller with NanoPI NEO Quad Core ARM processor

MK4FQ is our latest 6-Axis G Code controller with support for Mills, Hexapods and 3D printers.  MK4FQ supports Raspberry PI class processor attachment for ultra-high performance stepper control.


PicoM 10DOF Wireless Sensor Node - Part of the Pico Family of Wireless Sensor Nodes

PicoM is high performance 10DOF Wireless Sensor Node in a small form factor with LiPo battery charger, OLED display and expansion options.  Available now.


Windows Mixed Reality Demonstration

View Mixed Reality 360 immersive panoramas on a Windows Mixed Reality Headset from HP, Acer and others -  open with Edge. 

      Pano10K    Pano12K   Pano15K

View 360 VR Mixed Reality videos.

     Life360   Polo360  Wing360

Allow time for experience to load!

  IMU8420 10DOF 32Bit Datalogger with EKF

The IMU8420 is a compact, low cost, lithium battery or USB powered Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) Data Logger with 10 degrees of freedom and optional GPS, New 3D case design here.


GenY32 Smart G Code Controller

The GenY32 Smart G Code Controller with 32bit Processor is available now.  With Mach3 plugin and GRBL port,  tinyg port shortly. Latest GenY32 V2.09.021 Mach3 Plugin here.


Acrylic Laser Cut enclosure for GenY32 with all connectors now available.


openstreetVR is an experimental mixed reality web site with geolocated still and video experiences. Try it using Edge with the new HP or Acer headsets. Also try it with iPad,Mac  or iPhone. Will also work with gearVR.

SOCR Granted US Patent on Robotics Technology

US Patent US10080697 titled Motion System with Plurality of Stewart Platform Based Actuators was recently approved. The patent covers serial elastic connections between multiple hexapods.


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Latest News
Mach3 Plugin released for GenZ and GenY32.

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